Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little angels.....

So I was going through some of those pictures I found (refer to my last post). This one made me laugh. It is of Ella and her cousin Hazel. I swear I had the red eye flash on. It just wasn't strong enough to block out what was going on here. Apparently these two cannot be left alone. Hazel definitely looks as if she will be taking after her daddy.

I was, however, finally able to photo shop regular eyes on the girls. It took about 6 layers though. Don't they look sweet? Ella doesn't look like she is struggling at all with her smile.

It's my bi-weekly post!

I am really bad with our pictures. I take alot, but then I can never remember where I have downloaded them, or sometimes even on what computer I put them onto. I rarely print anything off. If my computer were to crash, I would have nothing. Anyway, I had this external harddrive that I came across the other day. I hooked it up to my computer to see what was on it. It was full of pictures. They were mostly ones of Howie when he was a baby. I found some of nieces and nephews too. I just missed my niece Violet's birthday, so I thought, in honor of her birthday, and also to celebrate my finding some of my pictures, I am going to post some of her. This was the first time I ever met Violet.

Happy birthday Violet!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Why I haven't been blogging..

I know you have all been wondering where I have been. I noticed I haven't touched my blog for quite some time. The truth is, I have been very busy......MOVING!!! I wanted to keep it a secret and suprise you all with our new house. It is just a modest little thing, not gaudy at all. But I want you all to know, you are all still welcome to visit. We would find someplace for you to sleep. There is a little extra space in the north tower.