Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here's the Proof

This was Jenny. Mom thought it was Sara...
Here's my proof.
Jenny on the swing set, note her groovy one piece tank top short outfit. It was once mine.

Here's Jenny later that day wearing the same groovyness. (That's Erin and her classic mullet)

Here is Sara on the swing set. She is wearing a highwater dress.

And, Sara later in the kitchen wearing her same dress.

Jenny and Sara, don't you feel bad that your own mother didn't recognize you?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hanging out

I've been busy packing and going through all our junk trying to decide what is worth taking into our new house. So far I'm finding there's not much I want to take with me. I keep getting side tracked with a GIANT box of slides I took from my mom's house. A lot of them are faded and scratched, like this beauty.
After a good 20 minutes of rescanning and adjusting of all kinds of buttons I didn't know what I was adjusting, I finally got this crystal clear image. It took me another 20 minutes to figure out who this was. From top left to right, it is Becky, Tom, a Tuttle, Chad Cooper, Cathe Cooper, Me (behind the giant LHOTP bonnet), Erin, another Tuttle, and Cristin (Cooper) Carter.

Even with all the fun I'm having packing and scanning, this is what I wish I was doing.

Anyone recognize this blogger?

Don't you just want to run your fingers through that hair? I bet you'd find a few tasty snacks.
I've scanned in about 30 slides, out of a box of about 3000. But, I'll be sure to post all the good ones.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who do you love more Ella? Mom or Dad?

Have you ever gotten a gift that made you so happy you cried? Have you ever given a gift that made someone so happy they cried? Ella has been asking for a dog since...she could. We tried to tide her over with chickens. They made too much noise and we were worried our neighbors would get mad, so we gave them to my BIL. Then, Dwight got her a hamster. I still can't get myself to look at that thing. Anyone who has ever had a conversation with Ella, knows about her hamster John. But, even with her total dedication to John, she still begs for a dog. Bailey is allergic, so we'd need a hypoallergenic dog, and I don't like big dogs. I was walking into WalMart tonight, on the phone with Jespy, when I saw some people standing out front selling shiatsu's. They were actually poodle-shiatsu mix. Both small and hypoallergenic. I couldn't resist. I bought it and brought it home to surprise Ella. I yelled out to her in my "you're busted" yell. She came running, and when she saw the dog she asked, "is that for me". I told her yes, and she burst into sobs. I don't think I've ever made any kid happier. For sure she loves me more now. Here she is with Jane, who she tried to name Shyla, but I told her it was groovy, so she changed it to Jane. Sorry if any of you have a kid named Shyla, but it's groovy. Jane is the runt of her family. I have total confidence in Ella taking care of this dog on her own. Is that niave of me? The things I do for my kids.......

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Inheritance

Sometimes cleaning the garage can pay off. I found these slides in a box Dwight marked, "Amy's Inheritance". There were also a couple diaries (not mine) that I'm thinking would be good for the next book club. And there was a pretty good stack of funeral announcements from people I never knew had even been born. (Those went into the DI box.)

This is my Grandma Bailey with my mom, brother Tom, sister Becky and newly born sister Erin. For some reason, it is a rare thing to find a baby picture of Erin. Maybe they are all in slides.

This is my grandma Cordil, my brother Tom, my sister Becky and me. Grandma looks like she may have had to lift with her legs when she picked me up. And it's a good thing I'm wearing a cloth diaper. I bet if it were a disposable one, it would have exploded by now with all that foamy stuff.

This was a slide of me and my brother Tom. Just chillin' on the front porch in Long Beach. That's what people in So. Cal. used to do back then. Ahh, those were the days.