Monday, November 17, 2008

Help a blogger out....

After all the parenting tips I have so generously given to you all, I have decided to now give you the opportunity to give me a tip. Ella has been having a few problems this year (at the beginning) with making friends. Lately she has been talking about who she plays with and the list seems long, so I just assumed the problem was over with. Today she came in and was telling me she had a job as a maid. I knew it wasn't with me, so I asked her what she was meaning. She said her friend at school hired her to be her maid, but it was ok because for payment, Ella gets to play with this girl at recess. I asked her what sorts of things she does as a maid. She said it was super easy, she just had to do whatever this girl told her to do, like "rub her back". She is telling me all this stuff like it is great news. Do I just leave it alone? It kind of bugs me. This is what I keep picturing. (Her "boss" would be the girl on the far right)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Foto Friday

This is Sara imitating me trying to go cross-eyed. Do you see the resemblance?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More parenting tips, using aliens.

Last night we put all the kids to bed. After about 30 mins. of Howie annoying everyone, we pulled him out and made him a bed on our floor and told him to sleep there (which is where he pretty much ends up sleeping every school night). Then, Dwight and I went back to watching our Monday night shows. (Some really good ones, I might add). A few minutes later, Howie came out crying saying there was an alien in our room. So he stayed out with me while Dwight went into the room and proceeded to kick the crap out of the alien. Howie was very pleased, but not quite ready to enter the room alone. We decided we may as well all go to bed. Everyone is all settled in, and I turned out the lights. Then Howie starts going on about the alien he is seeing again. I get on the floor to try to see things from his perspective, and he points to a blue light. I then explained to him about how it was just a light and couldn't possibly be an alien because aliens have bodies. He got it immediately and rolled over and went to sleep. I got back into bed and started thinking, do aliens have bodies? I could have just said there was no such thing as aliens.
It reminded me of when we were living in Canada. Our work permits had expired and we were waiting for our new ones. There was a lapse and so we were told if we left the country, we may not be allowed back in. I had been planning on going down to Boise for my HS reunion, but we had decided I'd better not go unless we got our permits renewed. We were talking about it at dinner one night and Bailey asked what we were talking about. I told him it was time he learned the truth about his family. I very seriously told him, "we are aliens Bailey." (Cuz we were considered illegal aliens at the time in Canada, so I'm not a liar) Bailey was totally excited, as if his wildest dreams had just come true.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Family Pictures

It seems like fall is the time of year to get family pictures done. I missed that opportunity last year and had big plans of getting it done this year. Since I already missed having a good looking outdoor shot with the family, I need to plan a good indoor shot. Somethings to consider:
1. What outfit to wear. We all need to match
2. What color background to have. It should somewhat
coordinate with our outfits.
3. How should I style my hair.
4. What position should we be in. Standing or sitting or lounging.

Then, I got an email with the most perfect family sitting EVER! I need to find a photographer who can replicate this with my own family.

I guess I might need to wait a few months, so we can grow out mine and Dwight's hair a bit though.