Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ragnar Pictures

Don't get your hopes up. This blog post is not a come back. I was just too lazy to downsize my pictures so I could email to everyone. And by everyone I don't really mean everyone, just the ones who participated in the ragnar race. Go ahead and lookie-loo if you want though. I may even provide some commentary. Note, this was a 37 hour period and I only remembered the camera around hour 35. Too bad too, because there were loads of things to document.

Kerra, pretending to walk like she was sore when really she was ready to run another 10 miles.

Van #2, I took great care of these gize. You can tell cuz they're still alive.
Trent's face is my favorite.

I know my van was pretty worried about how my knuckle was doing. After careful nursing and neosporin, I think I might end up scarred for life.

I would have supported Trent here with his run, but I thought it more important to document since there were only hours left at this point.

Our van decoration.

Wild burros...four of them.

More burros. I didn't touch them because they were gross.