Thursday, April 23, 2009


We're are finally warming up a bit around here and the bikes are coming out. I talked to the kids reminding them of the always wear your helmet rule. Every time I go out to check on them, they have a helmet on, but Calvin just can't seem to figure out to put it on right.

It's backwards every time.

Think it will still protect his head even when it's backwards?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oscar picks

I've been meaning to post about our special visitor for the last week and a half, but I was too depressed about her leaving, so I wasn't able to post until now. Sara, Katie, Landee and I all went out for a romantic dinner at the Mona Lisa fondue restaurant. After eating, we rolled ourselves out to the car and headed over to Katie's house for more good times. Here's a shot I got of it.

We're doing some serious multi-tasking here. Playing Bananagram while we watched a movie on Landee's iPhone. What movie are we watching, you ask. Here's a clue. I happened to click the camera at the perfect time. My favorite scene.

Poor Bella is in agony after being bitten by an evil vampire. The venom is burning so bad. Her hand feels like it is on fire. If only I had clicked when brave Edward started to suck the venom out. Where were the oscar nominations for these two?


I went to Target and purchased my own copy just to get this image for you. That's dedication!