Monday, September 3, 2012

Hot Tubs

To answer Sara's question and get you all of the edge of your seats, hot tubs are fine to use if they are your own private hot tub and not the one at the YMCA.  Or, if you are on vacation and you are desperate to be warm, then it is ok to use the hot tub as long as you do not make eye contact with any of the other gross strangers sharing the hot tub with you.  It is smart to bring your own bottle of bleach and chlorine though. And when you get out of the hot tub, go immediately to your room and rinse off with a solution of the bleach and chlorine mixed with antibacterial soap.

Monday, August 20, 2012

You're Still Filthy

I've been thinking about getting rid of all the tubs in my house.  Baths are gross.  You just sit in some warm stagnate water and soak in your own filth.  You get out of a bath thinking you are all clean, but really you're still gross.   Maybe if I bought some Calgon and gotten taken away I might change my mind.  I'll get back to you.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Interesting Stuff

This morning I had two apple cinnamon cookies along with a diet coke.  Then a few hours later I had a small bowl of queso with a handful of chips.  About an hour after that I had two tacos from Del Taco along with some more queso and chips and another diet coke.  I'm planning on eating a crepe tonight from the Creperie. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Glad That's Done With

Hey, remember in the olden days when we used to blog?  We had to write up a whole long post about whatever was going on.  Then you had to go to everyone's blogs and read them and then post an obligatory comment.  It took hours.  Then if you didn't comment on everyone's and only a couple of blogs, then the ones you didn't comment on would get all offended because they knew you didn't read their blog that day.  It was exhausting.  Thank goodness for technology, so we don't have to do that anymore. I wonder if any of you guys are going to even read this?  If you don't comment I will know you didn't.  Then I'll get mad and unfriend you on Facebook.  Speaking of which, when is that going to be over with?