Friday, January 18, 2008

It is almost over

OK, I am just about to start season four. Which means I have watched 3 seasons in 7 days. There are about 75 episodes between the three seasons. Which means I am watching about 7-8 hours of Alias a day. It's a full time job. Dwight was going to keep the last two seaons from me, until I simply explained that he couldn't. (There might have been a threat thrown in with that too) But here are a list of the pro's to sitting around watching this.

1. I am not out spending money.
2. I have never had a tank of gas last me so long.
3. I have lost 5 pounds!
4. Me and Sydney have a bond that will last forever.
5. Howie is getting so much free time, and in the process learning to be more independant.

So I only have about 50 episodes left until I am done. And with it being the weekend, I am hoping to be done with this whole thing by Monday or Tuesday. I have so many questioins that need to be answered. Will Syd and Vaughn ever really get together? Will Sydney have a relationship with her sister? What is Sloans real endgame? Do I really believe in the works of Rembaldi? Who is The Trust? Who can I trust?


sarastrasser said...

Amy, your questions are giving away too much information. I have not yet started the series.

Erin Beck said...

You forgot to mention the one bad thing from sitting on your butt all day...HEMROIDS!!!!

MorganStrasser said...

I know exactly what you are going though. Sara and I have watched all of 24 season six withing the last 4 days! Some people don't realize what kind of commitment that it is.

Harris Family said...

See now when you and Jeni get together you will be even MORE annoying talking about Sydney. We just had to put up with her before. :)

Mary said...

Hope it all ends soon, cause I miss you!

Emily said...

Wow, if I could accomplish those 5 things, I might watch the entire season of Alias too! Way to go!

Cristin said...

What's taking you so long to finish??? lol I had a lot of sleepless finishing Alias, it was totally worth it!