Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Snowboarding

I had big plans on Saturday. I was going to sleep in, slowly get up, slowly have some breakfast, hang out on the computer and check out everyone's wedding dress posts, maybe do some texting, then possibly a load or two of laundry in between catching up on my dvr. Bailey joined the Ski and Snowboarding team for school and Saturday was his first race. Since I hate to snowboard and that is totally Dwight's thing, I was going to have the day to myself. So I slept in...check, slowly got up....check, slowly had some breakfast...check, then I got hit with "maybe mom should come up to the hill with us and watch you race Bailey, you be supportive". I came back with a quick, "I am supporting him by buying his pass, board, boots, bindings, new jacket, gloves, goggles, and gas to go up there constantly, and by never saying no when you gize want to go up, I'm good." Then I got a fake depressed look from my pre-teen racer and I caved. So then my day was shot. Next thing I knew all 6 of us were loaded with gear in the car and driving up the winding hill to watch the big race.
Here is the group of kids Bailey was racing with. It wasn't a group race, it was an individual race. You had to go around these markers and be timed. If you missed a marker you were automatically DQ'd (disqualified) I learned the cool way to say it by hearing a mom yelling at her daughter for being DQ'd. "We drove all the way up here, waited forever for your turn just to see you get DQ'd?!?!?" <--Kinda sad. That mom was a B, and by B, you know what I mean. No need to fear, Bailey made all his markers so we didn't have to yell at him.

He's the kid in the green jacket. Waiting his turn, which only took an hour and a half. SERIOUSLY!!

He is so stinkin' cute!
Here he is starting. Still so cute!!

Here's the other kids cheering him on.
Lucky for you I got it on video. Not good video, I only had my regular camera. He fell right off the bat because he started with his wrong foot, but he didn't get DQ'd, so who cares.

After Bailey's race we went back and got the rest of the kids boards and Dwight took the 3 older ones down the hill while Howie and I waited at the bottom for his turn. Then Dwight took Howie on the bunny hill a couple of times. Again, lucky for you I had my camera, because it is the cutest thing evah! Just be patient it takes about 34 sec to figure out which one is Howie. And it gets cut off at the end because he is about to pee his pants. I had to run with him to the lodge and get him in the stall and rip all his gear off . He ended up peeing all over the stall, but at least not in his snowpants. So he still got another turn.

Howie thought he was pretty cool stuff.

Calvin wanted me to take a picture of him looking cool too.

Ella ate a lot of snow.

We ended up hanging out there the ENTIRE day and I was the only one with regular clothes on. Freezing!! We got back to the car and found a note from someone who had hit our car. But it's cool, because I was there to support my kid on his first race. I will never do it again, so hopefully he will always remember this day.


Katie said...

I love Howie's laugh.

You see, I have a strategy. I am never going to take my kids, so they never know what they are missing. It worked for my parents.

Memzy said...

The cuteness us overwhelming me.

anissa ferguson said...

WOW looks like you should have borrowed all my Snow gear I got for Christmas....All your kids are stinkin cute!

Annie said...

You totally get "good mom" points and you know how hard those are to get right? My boys keep asking me when we are going back to Boise so they can go snowboarding with your gize.

ManicMandee said...

That post was so filled with photos and video. What a nice girl you are to go through all that work for us stalkers!

Emily said...

Your such a great mom!!

Markie23 said...

Normally I hate snowboarders, but I can't resist that cuteness.

eekareek said...

I think it looked like a good time except for the fact that you were freezing. I want to go up and see him race. Did you know that I have never ever been to Bogus Basin? The more you know.

Jenny ESP said...

I left a comment dang it!!!!!! Your kids look both cute and manly at the same time. Even Ella. And that is the flattest hill I have ever seen.

Julie said...

Dads shouldn't be allowed to sucker us into going to "extra" stuff. That's why I like Boy Scouts. Moms can't go...

BTW, good thing he didn't get DQ'd or you'd have to beat him up right on the snow hill.