Sunday, July 12, 2009

Remember me?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amy, and I am a recovering unmotivated blogger. If it makes you feel any better, blogging hasn't been the only thing I am unmotivated about lately. I could give you a 2-3 month recap of what's been going on, but I'm still recovering. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you could care less. So let's just stick with what has been consuming our house right now. Dwight has been way into running. He started back in February, training for a half marathon. He ran his first in April, and has done one every month since. He is building up for a full marathon in January. It's our anniversary month, and there is a race in Arizona he wants us to run together. He'll do the full and I'll do the half. <--according to his plans... If I can ever get myself to just start trying to run and train, I will go for it.
A few weeks ago he signed up the whole family to run in a race. He ran a 10k, the boys ran a 6k, and me, Howie and Ella ran a mile. Here's us before the fun began.

As our mile race started, us three were off to a great start. For at least the first 50 feet, anyway, then the drama began. Howie was a real sissy, and kept saying things like, "I can't take it anymore!" or "running is for girlths!" I kept trying to get him to keep going to the half mile mark. Then I finally gave him a break and put him on my back for the second half. It only took us 16 minutes!
This kid came in first place out of all boys 19 and under.

He won a gift card to a sports store. He was pretty pleased with himself. Bailey came in second.
The boys liked to so much, Dwight signed them all up for another race yesterday. Dwight ran the half marathon and the boys both ran the 5 k.
Here they are before the race started.

Here's Bailey getting ready to start his race. He looks so little.

The race ended at the Hawk's stadium. Howie did an awesome job cheering for all the racers as they came in.
Bailey was pretty wiped after he finished, and fell asleep waiting for Dwight to be done.
Just a good picture I took.
So finally Dwight came in. He has been running faster and faster with each race. This one he came in about 5 minutes faster than his last. He was man enough to let me take this picture of him.

See the resemblance?

The boys wanted to stay for the awards, in case they won anything this time. I didn't really want to, since I had been there already for about 4 hours and there were so many people racing, I wasn't thinking they would win anything. I was wrong. Bailey came in second and Calvin came in third. They both got medals this time. Dwight's prize was a new shirt and some band-aids I went and got for him at Wal*Mart, so people wouldn't stare at his nipples.

I think they're taking a break for August, but have a race planned in McCall for September.


Jenny ESP said...

I do remember you. This post made my nipples ache. Ouch.

Memzy said...

Man enough indeed. Btw, Sherod says no way no how. He hasn't quite been all...........for like 8 months.

Glad to have you back!!!!

Markie23 said...

bleeding nipples... just one more reason I really didn't need to avoid running.

Mary said...

Hey, congrats to all of my loved ones who entered, and a big congratulations to those medal winners from their grammy!

amanda said...

That nipple picture was awesome. I've actually never seen it happen in real life before. I hope his nipples recover quickly. You know, you could get him some Lansinough. I'm not sure how it's spelled. But it's for sore nipples for breastfeeding mothers and works great.

anissa ferguson said...

WOW !!! So when do we resume our guitar chats?

Cami said...

I had to post reunion pictures right away or it would never happen. I still want to see you photoshopped (is that a word?) in the pictures....Heather too. Did you get any pictures of the bike ride? I would like one of Grandma looking like she is ready to hop on the bike with the trailer. :)