Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reviewing Reviews

About a year and a half ago, Dwight bought me this fancy laser jet printer. I'd show you a picture, but you can just trust me, it's awesome. But you know what's not awesome? Buying new ink for it. I went to the regular IRL store to get a new black cartridge and it was $85. Too rich for my blood. I figured I'd go online and search out a cheaper option. I found a place through Amazon that sold it for $37...a significant difference. I decided I better look at the reviews first. There were 6 of them. 5 of the reviews gave a 1 star and they were angry, misspelled 1 star reviews. Then there was that lone 5 star review written by John C. Bendheim. It was just a bit too properly written. I clicked on the button to read other reviews written by John C. Bendheim. I suggest you do it too. This guy is quite the online shopper. He has a daughter named Susie who tried the homeopathic calendula cream and loved it. Even though I counted at least 5 dvd purchases, he still wrote in a 5 star review for the purchase of Scenes from a sexual nature, "I don't usually buy DVD's".

I especially loved his review of the Popeye dvd he bought, "Popeye soothes the spirit by getting out of jams in a simple and quick way. While it would be better that he didn't punch his enemies, at least everyone is alive and well each time he eats gets his dietary fiber, calcium and folic acid. The technical quality of the DVD is fine."

Looks to me like I can no longer trust the opinions of complete strangers on the internet. What is this world coming to?


Memzy said...

It's coming to an end is what's happening to the world.

Jenny ESP said...

That guy is hilarious without even trying. I envy him. Did he really watch a DVD on his Kindle 2? But, how?

Emily said...

Too dang funny.

Landee said...

That stuff made her acne look a lot better but that may have been due to the fact that she stopped touching her face.