Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why I Don't Drink Wine/Easter Bunny

Have you ever seen the movie A Walk in the Clouds? If not, go ahead and watch it, I'll wait.
You know that part where they are all out harvesting the grapes, then they squash them for the wine? (Here's a clip of it, hopefully you speak spanish) Here's a few points I'd like to make about it.
1. When she took off her shoes to step on the grapes, notice she didn't wash them. And also, when she took off her shoes she wasn't wearing socks. So she was out working in a field in shoes with out socks. Can you even imagine how stinky and sweaty her feet were? And she just stuck those things straight into the grape pit.
2. She had really long frizzy black hair, that wasn't pulled back in a hair net before she started swinging it all around in that grape pit. I know she was trying to be all sexy, but all I could think about was the stray long black frizzy hairs that are getting all tangled up in those grapes.

Maybe they have more sanitary ways of doing things now, but all the most expensive wine is the old stuff that was made back when people use their nasty feet to make it. So if I can't drink the best, then I may as well not even waste my time. And also because the prophet said not to, duh.

On another note. I can't get my bold button to turn off now. But, this is how I got my kids to go to bed and not wait up to catch the Easter Bunny in action.



ManicMandee said...

Another good laugh that I so needed. Thanks.

Jenny ESP said...

I kinda think you might have been drinking dirty wine when you wrote this. Especially when you wrote the title/Easter Bunny.

Cristin said...

I love that movie and was thinking the same thing. I can't imagine drinking wine now...even if I was a drinker.

That picture reminds me of that movie Signs and they are watching the tv and they see the Alien walk past. Creepy! That was also the movie where I still hearted Joequin Phoenix before he went CREEEPY!

Markie23 said...

The hair and toenails mostly remain at the bottom of the oak barrel, and the alcohol kills the majority of the germs. At least thats what Princess Kimi told me.

Erin Beck said...

It's Jesus Juice Amy, it's suppose to be dirty (Mike Jackson).
P.S. Is that a movie about the Easter bunny and what's the name of it?

Memzy said...

Creepsville, USA

Landee said...

I can't believe your insane germ issues are now preventing you from enjoying a nice relaxing glass of wine regularly.

I haven't seen that movie but I do remember Lucille Ball stomping grapes in an episode of I Love Lucy. And then another one where they are shoving chocolates in their mouths/shirts/hats cuz the conveyor belt was going too fast. You might wanna steer clear of chocolates too.

Emily said...

Very good points made here. You never disappoint!

Princess Kimi said...

Donnie Darko.

Markie, I told you about the hairs being the worst part tho. They jam up the fancy spout on the box.

p.s. I was worried that was actually your house. For many reasons..none of them being the creepy bunny. fyi.