Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I said I would and I did

Okay, here is part two of the Annual Bailey Family Christmas Party. The white elephant gift exchange continues.... Pete was lucky enough to get my cool Christmas sweater vest. He showed his appreciation by wearing it the ENTIRE night. Also, about a half hour after the party ended, a knock came at my door. I answered it, and it was Pete. Apparently they forgot something, but he was still wearing the sweater!
I won, from Amanda and Steve, this sweet VHS collection. Don't worry, Dwight and I waiting until the kids were in bed before we put on the dirty one.

After all the gifts were opened, and the laughter had died down a bit, we started up another game. Amanda brought Imaginiff, and we all had a great time imagining all sorts of things. Who is a bag of chips hanging in the vending machine? If you want to know the answer, come to the next party.

As you can clearly see, Holly and Casey could hardly contain themselves.

Then it was time to go. We had such a great time we all decided to get a group picture. Okay, maybe we didn't all decide, but it was my house, and they need to be gracious guests and comply with my demands. (Dwight volunteered to take the picture, but he was there too)

I know you can all hardly wait until the 5th Annual Bailey Family Christmas Party. But until then, you will have this blog to remember it by.


ajesplin said...

Thanks for sharing the climatic ending. Looks like you guys had a good time.

Cristin said...

AWWW MAN! I can't believe I missed it! I could have totally used that sweater vest, it would have gone perfectly with my new khakis...maybe next year.

Erin Beck said...

Hi Amy I love you!! I wish I was there to share the laughs. Tom is the best at white elephants. Im still enjoyed my subscription to the esnign with a signed genuine certificate from the prophet himself!!

Vegas Family said...

You really know how to throw a party! Merry Christmas to you all up there in Idaho!

Katie said...

I just barely read your comment you left about my mom jeans. I have had a good blog day. i laughed out ooud at you comments, and at Jenny's movie. Good Times! By the way. I am going to though a Chritmas party that is going to blow yours out of the water. Everyone is invited!!

Katie or Tom said...

TIT(this is tom)I'm not invited. bty I finally updated my blog, check it out.