Sunday, December 21, 2008

My blog post

Now that Landee is back, I guess I can post again.

I have been freakishly busy these days. Here are some of the many things I had intentions of accomplishing, and it didn't all quite work out.

* Family pictures
* Make Christmas cards
* Make a photo book, so Mark could tell you all about his
* Clean my house
* Clean my car
* Prepare a lesson for RS
* Blog about it (whatever "it" is)
* Catch up on my CSI Miami's (Better than Saved by the Bell)
* Blog about the Bailey Christmas party (thanks mom for taking care of that one)

Really I could go on, but it starts to get a little personal...
So let's check a few of these things off.

*We did get the family pictures taken care of. Last week at Sam's Club they had a special for $9.95 you could get a 10x13. I went for it. We had to be at Sam's Club at 5:15 on Friday. Right in the middle of the store. Sitting there in our groovy poses. I couldn't stop laughing. Especially the pose he did of Dwight and I alone. It was very similar to our engagement announcement picture. I'll have to do some serious digging for it to show you all. But just picture in your head the two of us laying on the floor. He told me to "lay like a mermaid". People were stopping their shopping to watch. Good thing no more than 10 people ever shop at Sam's Club at any given time.

*I am going to count my Christmas card as this one. All I have to say're welcome.
About the photo book, Mark, I'm never going to get around to it, so feel free to post about your trip to Seattle...if you pressure.

*Clean my house, clean my car? It's totally snowing, it will just get all dirty again so what's the point. We did have a family contest yesterday. We divided the house into sections and had a race. Whoever got their section finished first (and it had to be done well) was the winner. they won a carton of ice cream and there were no rules on when or how much they cold eat of it. You should have seen these kids move. It was a Christmas miracle. It is our new Saturday plan.

*Prepare a lesson for RS. This one I put off until the very last minute, and thanks to some great ideas from my mom, who had the lesson the week before, it wasn't too bad. I think I work best under pressure anyway. No one cried, so it wasn't that great of a lesson I guess. Next month I will totally get on the ball.....maybe not. Just incase, pay attention again mom.

Blog about "it"....what do you call this.

*Catch up on my CSI Miami shows. CSI Miami is the grooviest show ever. Dwight was going to delete them all too. But, then I reminded him of their extreme grooviness and he let us keep them. I suggest you all try it out. Horatio is the biggest dork and he thinks he is the shiz nit. Horrible actors and bad scripts, huge crimes being solved within a day and the perp always confesses. Just like Scooby Doo. You won't be disappointed.

I feel so much better with my list being all checked off now. I have been busy with many Christmas parties. I did come up with the best white elephant gift ever. I made several of them and brought the same thing to every party. It is my own homemade version of this.

Here is mine.

It looks so much better with unmatching sleeves don't you think. It really just makes it pop! I am now accepting all orders. Only $12.95 plus shipping and handling! They're going fast so order now!


Memzy said...

Please, Please, Please show us the family pics from Sam's. I'm DYING to see them.

And I'll take one in teal with peach sleaves. If you can handle that.

Memzy said...


Katie said...

No one cried? Yeah, try harder, or invite me. No matter what the lesson...I cry. You could put me in the front, it might catch on.

If I donate the sleeves, and I get it for $6.45? Let me know.

Hot Pants said...

I don't get the pictures back for another 2 1/2 weeks. Don't worry you'll see them. You might even get your own framed copy of one.

And I will be on the look out for a teal blanket and peach sleeves. Yes, Katie, it will be cheaper if you donate the sleeves. So is that two orders so far? See I told you they are going fast!

Carol said...

Dear Hot Pants, I'll pass on the snuggly thingy but I totally agree with your CSI Miami opinion. Horatio irritates me to no end. . . .and yet I still watch. The dialogue is so lame. . . and yet I still watch. What is wrong with me? Tiffers is back? Prove it Tiffers---give us a post.

Jenny ESP said...

You hardly ever blog, AND I swear I've talked to you on the phone about half the usual amount of time this month. Annoying. We need to get back to our 3 hours a day schedule.

And I'll take a snuggle with puffed sleeves please.

ManicMandee said...

Thanks for the laughs. Yes, I'll take 6 of those blankets/shirts. The checks in the mail. Thanks.

anissa ferguson said...

Could I pay "EXTRA" for a rush order? It looks like a perfect gift for the mother in law....she enjoys re_gifting what I give her each year.I never new just how crafty you are. Would you do a class for our enrichment night?

anissa ferguson said...

yes, I don't spell that great when I haven't had a diet coke yet.
I never knew how crafty you were..
I feel better now

Mary said...

Glad you were able to fit a blogging session into your schedule. I'll pass on the snuggle and CSI:Miami, but I do appreciate you putting me onto "Chuck."

eekareek said...

I love my snuggle. It is great for all occations. Formal? Just pair it with some high heels and a diamond belt. Casual? Your favorite tennis shoes and no belt. It is comfy and practical and makes a great gift for anyone. Thanks Amy!

Krissy and Jason said...

Okay, so far you have given me two pieces of advice which i consider to be gems...
1-when eating at Carl's Jr with kids go through the drive thru to get your food and then go in and eat, brilliant!

2-Have the kids race/clean for a gallon of ice cream, equally brilliant!


Kathy said...

All I can say is that I got the bet white elephant gift ever!!! I love my snuggy! You rock, Hotpants!
Love ya!

Annie said...

New calling huh? Can't wait to get MY framed Thurston Family pic.

Hot Pants said...

Annie, I will have one ready and waiting on the "guest" bed for you!

Cristin said...

Can you make them with puffed sleeves because if you can I want 6!

I can't wait to see your pictures.