Monday, August 25, 2008


***I had to add another thought at the end****

***I also forgot to mention, there are a few spoilers here, so read on with caution....sorry Becky and Jami*****

Believe it or not, (Edward would believe me) I finished all four books in four days. Talk about dedication. I discussed some of it with Jenny (who was trying to ruin it for me with her negative thoughts) as I was going through the last book. I have to say, I loved the last book. I have not slept well these last few days. So many questions going through my mind. I hated the depression Bella felt in the second book (I know we are discussing the fourth book, but you can't really do that without going through the entire story, plus since I read all four together it sort of feels like one LONG story to me). I hated the depression felt by Jacob in the third book. I needed the whole thing to be resolved with all parties being happy. I need to be able to sleep.

I am going to follow Cristin's pattern here.
Things I liked about the book:

1. I liked that Bella finally became the vampire she WHINED about wanting to become throughout the first 1500 pages or so. I liked that she became less whiny as a vampire.
I also liked that she changed just enough to make her become an improved Bella, that doesn't whine so much.

2. I liked that she had a child (we'll get to that child's name in my next grouping) and that Jacob "imprinted" on it. I could tell it was coming, and I was glad I was right. I didn't feel shocked by any of these things, I don't know why, I guess Stephanie must just be a good writer. I can't wait to have you all hear Jenny's points on this part, although negative, it made me laugh.

3. I liked how the author gave a lot of excessive descriptions and recapping for us all, and I am glad that I am so good at skipping all of that crap, so I would be able to read the book in such a shorter amount of time than I would have, had she filled all those pages with something important that I needed to read.

4. I liked how every single person important in Bella's life was so bonded at the end. Even though they were all fighting on such opposite sides to start. I really hate family conflict and drama:)

Things that annoyed me about the book:

1. Renesme..........I am not a fan of made up names. Sorry to those of you who are and who have given your child one. I am just telling you how bad this name annoyed me. I think that is why I liked Jacob so much, especially when he called her Nessie instead.

2. Rosalie did creep me out when Bella was pregnant, and during the delivery.

3. Bella's relationship with her mom was kind of dumb.

4. They didn't defeat the Vulturi, although this could be good if it left it open for another book.

I am glad I read the books, even if I had to sacrifice my family for them. Which is something Bella would have never done. I love all the religious innuendos throughout the book. "Eternal Marriage", "The final battle", "Not murdering", "Love your family", "acceptance", "The Book of Mormon is true", "Family Home Evening", "Saying no to premarital sex", "Saying no to abortion", I never realized until now, how religious this book really was. I guess I should try to share it with some of my non-member friends as well.

I really could go on and on, but like I said, I have ignored my family for long enough. I would just like to close, by telling you all, that I love my family. I love my mom and dad. I love my roommates. I know this book is true. And I know that I am secretly Bella, and Edward loves me.

**I just started thinking. Have any of you ever seen The Truman Show. It is a kid that grows up on Tv, like the ultimate reality show. People watched it obsessively. They sat in the bar watching it, watched it at work, even in the tub. Then when it finally ended, after 30 or so years, they all just sat there a brief minute, then it was like they were free to go about life normally now. Well that is how I feel right now, having finished this series. I feel free to go on, and just be free to have a normal life again. Just wanted to add that thought to all of this. I hope it didn't deter from my earlier testimony.


Vegas Family said...

I have been out of the blogging world for so long (hayley has been my eyes and ears)and yikes!....I try to catch up and what? Bella gets pregnant? I am on book 3 just started. I might have to avoid all blogs a bit longer til I finish it looks like.

Vegas Family said...

It must be Edwards right? If its Jacobs please tel me so I stop reading.

Amy Thurston said...

Sorry, I guess I should have posted a warning. You may also want to avoid Jenny and Cristin, and whoever else decides to report on the book.

Cristin said...

You are like the World Champion Reader, you totally take the gold...totally. As for you family, are they still alive? then everything is a-ok. :)

The 2nd book was painful, the empty pages were probably the most painful out of the whole series.

I LOVED that Bella was less whiny!

You actually liked that jacob imprinted on Nessie??? EWWWWW but I guess if you expected it then I guess it's ok but still weird.

I agree with you about Rosalie...creepy!

thank you so much for sharing your testimony, it really meant a lot to me and I feel so much more strengthened by it. BUT you should know that Edward loves me ETERNITY.

ajesplin said...

I'm crying--a laughter induced cry. Your number 3 on your first list was my favorite. So true, so true. I wasted precious minutes reading about unnecessary documents, lots of fight practices, and long road trips.

I wonder if Jacob will whisper to Nessie before the first time they make-love, "This one time, when I was in love with your mom, I made out with her on a mountain top. First with a violent passion, crushing my lips to hers, followed by the soft tenderness of a long-time lover." You're sick Amy. What if Dwight was Jacob and you were Nessie. That would make Bella mom... see where this is going?

Who's Rosalie again? And who's Esme? She suddenly walked into the room at the end of the book and I can't remember who she was.

Thanks for your closing testimony. I was totally picturing that faerie baring its testimony again and I almost peed my pants.

Cristin said...

I wish I could be free from these books, I can go on with my life but I find myself thinking about them, wondering which one I should read again, wondering when Edward is going to take me to Esme Island...

Cristin said...

Jenny, what is up with making my Jacob, Nessie, Bella thoughts even creepier. Thanks a lot.

Landeelu said...

Thanks for your more upbeat review! So, when exactly do they have FHE? I need to re-read this book.

The dumbest made up name I've ever heard was a girl's name pronounced Ab-se-dee....spelled ABCDE. I kid you not.

ajesplin said...

my tummy hurts

ajesplin said...

Amy, about our phone conversation--Ah, I see that I did in fact spell "bearing" incorrectly in my comment. It was merely a typo, as I did spell it correctly all over my own blog, but please accept my apology for thinking you're a dirty rotten liar. Also, sorry for spelling fairy, "faerie." It's the cool, hip 21st century way to spell it, but I'll tease my bangs and spell it "fairy" just for you from now on. I understand the importance of perfect grammar, and truly appreciate your concern.

Cristin said...

Great, just great! Now I'm gonna be paranoid that I'm misspelling words and using bad grammar. Amy, please don't judge me.

Landeelu said...

I too was wondering about Jenny's spelling of "faerie." I just figured she was Gaelic or something.

That, however, did not stop me from laughing until I cried at that testimony meeting post.

Amy Thurston said...

Jenny's spelling of "faerie" gives me the same amount of problems as trying to say the name "Renesme". For some reason, I can't seem to be able to pronounce them. I'm so 20th century.

IdahoChick said...

You are FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I gafawed at this post!!!!!

abutler said...

I'm so bummed that I hadn't skipped down to you testimony part earlier. I could have totally been reading my kids Breaking Dawn instead of the Book of Mormon and would have totally been okay with that.
Amanda did get me hooked to listening to books on CD and I did let Blythe listen to a lot of the first part of the book with me.
I hope she didn't get the part about about the feather pillows and headboard. That was my favorite part of the book and I couldn't stop the CD just because my 6 year old daughter was sitting there. Come on people.

Amy Thurston said...

There are sooo many "chicks" in Idaho. Which one are you?