Sunday, August 31, 2008

A week in a day

So because of a recent, certain, obsession, I have neglected many things this past week. One of them being, everything that has been going on. Everyone posted their kids starting school. I took pictures, then went back to reading a book. (again, an obsession).

So let's start. Here is Ella on her first day of school.

Yep, sick in bed on her first day. She didn't seem to mind much. In fact, I would say she was quite happy about it, and if I hadn't felt the fever myself, I would have thought she was faking it. The next day, she was happy and well. So I am posting the pictures of the second day of school. Which was really more like what the first should have been like, since Dwight was home sick the first day also. I didn't get the full experience of everyone gone, until the second day. So it's the second day, but really the first day....get it?
The week went really well. Dwight made a rule about no TV or video games on school nights. I thought it would be depressing, but it worked out beautifully. The boys spent a lot of time at the local YMCA, Ella and Howie did a lot of playing together outside, I got a lot of book reading time in.

The kids didn't have school on Friday, so I took them and some of their friends, to the movies. The dollar movies, I'm not THAT rich. For $3 you get a movie ticket, a drink and a treat. What a deal!!! So for a mere$24, I was the winner of the cool mom award.

Saturday, was a lazy day. We relaxed, trying to rest up for the big game that night. For the last 5 years, Dwight and I have had season tickets to the BSU football games. We have had the same seats, next to all the same people, making the same jokes......"laces out"......"Is that Rick Lance?" (local celebrity weather man who has seats a few rows below us). Too much fun.

Sunday, woke up feeling a little not so good. Thought it may have something to do with that one thing girls get every 28 days or so. Took my time getting ready for church. Really didn't want to go, but have missed the last three weeks from either being out of town, or someone being sick. Sat in church, feeling a little too cold, but figured someone got a bit crazy with the a/c. we do have a few elderly's in the ward who seem to be hot all the time. By the time I was sitting in mutual, I realized I was sick. I had full on chills, achy skin, dizzy, trying not to throw up. Make it home....barely, and go right to bed. Just as I get into bed, Dwight gets home from work, with the same symptoms. We both stay in bed for about 5 hours, leaving our kids to fend for themselves. I mean, I am pretty sure we almost died, so what else could we have done right? As we slept, I could hear bits and pieces of fights going on. I figured it must have just been the fever, because my kids don't fight. Then I remembered, two of them do. Calvin and Ella. I finally decided to get out of bed, and find out what was going on. Apparently, Calvin was making up all kinds of new rules to try to keep Ella out of his room. His room is also Bailey and Howie's room, which meant, he was keeping Ella out from everyone else. This could have been a fight easily fixed.......had I not been delirious with fever. So I overreacted a tad bit, and told Calvin if he couldn't let Ella in their room, then I would give him a new room, all his very own. He got too excited. So I made a quick decision, that his new, very own room would be......the garage. Again, he got a little too excited. Him and Ella went right out and started cleaning out his new room. (Apparently they are friends again).Then they called me in to take pictures of what they did.
The stroller is his chair.

This is him in front of his bed.......he plans on sleeping in the car.

Here is where he is going to hangs his things, and put his clothes.

I sure showed him.

****Update...The dark garage got the better of him, and he decided he would love to have his sister hang out in his room (the upstairs one) anytime. I definitely need to get my parenting book published!


ajesplin said...

Anthony always makes nonsensical threats that he has no intention of follow through with. "do you want to sleep in the bathtub?" "do you want me to lock you in the garage?" My favorite is when the kids won't stay in bed, and he threatens, "do you want to go to bed?" Er, no. That's why they're not in bed. Then he'll quickly switch to, "i mean, do you want to sleep in the bathtub?" What kind of threat is that? What kid wouldn't want to sleep in a bathtub?

Landeelu said...

Kids are evil geniuses. Do not let them fool you. He has no intention of sleeping in the garage. I'm not sure what it's called, but it's a 2nd cousin of reverse psychology.

What you do is you snuggle him into his "bed" and then say, as you turn out the garage light "Good night sweetie... I hope the (fill in some kind of creature he's afraid of here) stay away tonight." ::click::

I have some dead mice you can plant in some places if you need me pay shipping.

Landeelu said...

PS Rick said it would be like this!!!

Amy Thurston said...

Who's Rick?

Memzy said...

Srsly, who's Rick?

But on another note. The sicknesses have crossed my "crib" as well. I love the feeling like you want to die. Isn't that aweseom? I'm proud of you for throwing out the garage thing. And remind me why again that your kids never fight? I'll go buy it at the pharmacy tomorrow.

Landeelu said...

Good gonny people!! RICK LANTZ! Isn't that his bit on his commercials? You know...the weather is how he predicted it would be? "Rick said it would be like this?" Geesh, you'd think I was the one who lived in LesBois! Btw, that man looks EXACTLY like he did back when I was 13. Think he's had some work done?

Amy Thurston said...

Dorky Duh! How could I not know what Rick you were talking about when I was the one who wrote about him on the post. I told you I was dillerious with fever right.
I forget how famous I am too sometimes.

ajesplin said...

Where's your review of Midnight Sun? Uh, yeah, that's what I thought, big talker.

Memzy said...

Good gonny

Amanda said...

Amy, you're a really super cool mom even when you discipline your kids. Great job. I hope everyone is healthy there now!