Monday, August 18, 2008

Back again

I am back from another trip. I took the kids up to Montana to visit some friends from Calgary. They just bought a cabin in Kallispell. We spent the days out on the lake. The kids got to go tubing, and ride the jet ski's. I was pretty bad with the camera, but I got this beauty with my cell phone. Apparently, I have passed my paranoia (which I got from my dad) onto my kids. Here is Howie in 2 ft. of water with a life jacket and a float tube on. Safety first is my motto.

After Montana, I made a trip down to Utah to see some family. I stayed with Anna. It was a short trip, but we made the most of it. We took the kids to the zoo. Again, no camera, but if you want to see pictures, just check out Amanda's blog. That night, me, Anna, Amanda, Dan and Laurie, met up with our cousin Rachel and her boyfriend/fiance for dinner. We hadn't seen her for years, and I am pretty sure we were pre-described to her man as a bunch of freaks. I am sure once he met us though, we disproved that....................

I also spent the ENTIRE trip sick with a horrible cold. When I got home, it just seemed to get worse. I finally went into the Dr. today and I have a sinus infection and a double ear infection and my chest has sounds of a bacterial; infection as well. So, apparently I am the worst guest ever. I would recommend to Anna, Amanda, Rachel, Dan, Laurie, and my friend Alison to stock up on the Zicam and MusinexD. I am truly sorry! You are welcome to come visit me and pass on something to us. Diarrhea would be a good one, I could use to lose a few pounds.


Memzy said...

"Diarrhea would be a good one, I could use to lose a few pounds." ^^That is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Maybe I'll try to bring some with me? Hope you are feeling better by Saturday. If not, just let me know you're not up to it,... no big deal.

Markie23 said...

I was feeling bummed about missing you guys, but now I feel much better, thanks!

Katie or Tom said...

Did it ever cross your mind that they passed those things to you? A little ear infection from Dan and Laurie, a little bacterial something from Amanda...Frankly I am surprised you ventured out there without the "Utah" vaccinations.

steve said...


ajesplin said...

I just talked to you over the phone, but I think I caught all your junk. Great.

Jenny B. said...

sorry to hear about the illness. but here is a FACT
you drain a Gallon of snot into your stomach a day.
that is NASTY. !!!!

so be happy to know that the cold sounds much better then that.

sounds like you had fun tho

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I'm glad you got to see Rachel and maybe get her on the road to see that the Bailey's aren't any weirder than any other family. Really.

Sorry you got the crud. If you get the diarhea/weight loss thing, though, you have to come back and pass it on. We're tired of this 2 month plateau we're on. :0)

Love you guys, Dwight needs to tell whoever can make it happen that he NEEDS to come to SF and bring his "lovely assistants". All five of them.