Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I could be a winner!

Check out this apron I'm probably gonna win!
I should maybe tell you how, but that might lessen my chances of actually winning it.
I'm kind of selfish that way.


Jenny ESP said...

At first I thought that was your you-know-what.

Landee said...

I don't get it. And why are some of the words darker?

If that's her you-know-what then I'm going to add some rick-rack to mine to purty it up a little.

Jeni said...

Amy, You are always a winner in my book...well except when you lose.

Memzy said...

It's sorta not fair and stuff. Cuz I really want that apron.

Hot Pants said...

It was links to the reason for my new apron I'm going to win, Landee.
It's not my you-know-what.