Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who should play Bella?

With six girls on the same trip, every photo op was pointed out and taken advantage of. Six times. I am pretty sure we didn't look like dorks, at all. Every time someone spotted a "perfect" spot to have their picture taken at, we ALL had our picture taken there. You know you would have too. If you had traveled all the way to Forks, and gotten to the Forks visitor center, and seen the replica of Bella's truck spray painted red with a fake license plate on it that said BELLA, I guarantee you would have stopped. But, who do you think pulled off the best "Bella pose"?

Landee (Too showy)

Sara(Too excited)
Memzy(Too sultry)

Hot Pants(Too tall)

Cristin (Too happy)

JennyESP (Too moody looking, oh wait, perfect!)


Jenny ESP said...

I agree. I should make out with Edward... I mean, I should play Bella.

Memzy said...

She totally got the attitude down. But I think my impression of the Dr Cullen sign (to come later) will be the best.

Landee said...

I believe the look she was going for was "raggy" and I gotta say, she nailed it.

I was not being too showy btw. I was pointing out the license plate & not making it about ME ME ME (unlike the rest of all y'all).

Markie23 said...

I think Edward would have hissed at all of you.

lovedkat said...

hmmm, well i would have to say sara is the best bella impression if you imagine edward sitting right there since she is clearly too excited....and jenny is the best for when bella is alone and moping with edward no where to be found....no offence...lol

Ron and Cheryl Pierce said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! I think it's great that you could all do something fun like that!