Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bailey, Calvin, and Ella respond...

Here are Bailey's 6 facts about himself:
1. I like video games. ( this is a rare one I am sure)
2. I love reading. My favorite book is "How to Speak Dragonese"
3. I love to play with my family. (I am typing this for him as he says it, so there may be a bit of kissing up here)
4. I like it when my cousins visit....ALOT.
5. I play the piano.
6. My favorite show is digimon.

Here are Calvin's 6 facts about himself:
1. I like video games. (again, this is rare)
2. I have a best friend named Thomas. (sorry, not you tom)
3. Howie hurts me alot.
4. We have a new game called, "Pokemon Ranger". ( I know this really falls into the video game category, but he is struggling here.)
5. I am doing good in school.
6. I like to smell my toots. ( He was taking too long, so I finished up for him)

Here are Ella's 6 facts about herself:
1. I like cookies.
2. I like my baby alive. (Even though she decided to throw it away a couple months ago, and she bit off the nose)
3. I like Sponge Bob
4. I have lost 6 teeth.
5. She wants to know what this is for?
6. I like my mom. ( I really wish really she would have said Love, but oh well)

Here are Howie's answers, even though we never asked him anything, he just heard everyone talking and decided he needed to be involved:
1. "I hab a Patrick"
2. "I hab a dinasaur"
3. "I hab a prend" (I think he is meaning friend, which he has none of on account of his scratching issues right now)
4. "I hab to practice da biano"
5. "I hab a Buzz"
6. ....... he seems to have lost interest, and is now leaving the room.

They have collectively decided to tag, Cord, Gus, Homer, Thomas, Hazel and Violet.


Emily said...

Your kids are so cute!!!

ajesplin said...

Thanks Amy! Cord and Gus read the lists--they're missing their cousins.