Friday, November 9, 2007

I am behind but....

I know it has been nearly two weeks since Halloween, but I am very slow about downloading pictures.

Here is Howie, wearing Bailey's costume from 1999, not too bad?
Here are all the kids, dressed a little shabby, but it's about the candy, not the costume.

Here is Ella and her bff.

And these pumkins are my own creation using the Ginzu knifes I received as a wedding gift nearly 14 years ago. I am glad I finally got some use out of them.

So there it is, our Halloween. Now maybe you will hear about our Thanksgiving and Christmas by February.


Amanda said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Dalana and Mark said...

They look great! Is Howie's outfit one of the ones your Mom made? She always does such a good job? I'm glad you were able to get some more use out of the costume. Thanks for posting the pictures. It's fun to see your kids.

abutler said...

Wow, Amy your blog has really come, pictures, what's next?

ajesplin said...

Howie's looking quite dapper.